Very Important Potential Clients

Gotta love it when the "very important potential clients" show up; I've never really cared for the whole "cleaning up to make the office look neat and efficient" song and dance. I know that it's good business, but I know how cluttered my area is as are the areas of my co-workers. If I were a client, I'd accept the fact that we human beings are not necessarily the neatest nor the most efficient. The clients are smart enough to know this or I don't think we'd be working w/them. Still, this is a business, so you MUST put your best foot forward @ all times. I know that this is important to the company and I'm a team player. My area has been cleaned from top to bottom; can't help but feel a tad deceitful, it's never this clean, my greetings are never this friendly and I'm never dressed to the nines. It's a living.


Anonymous said…
Feeling dirty for cleaning up, huh? ;)