SmarTrip Users Can Now Reload at CVS & Giant



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via DCist by Sommer Mathis on 6/16/09

2009_0616_smartrip.jpg Metro formally announced today that SmarTrip users can add value to their cards at select CVS and Giant Food stores. Last year, WMATA made SmarTrip cards more widely available for sale at CVS and Giant, but now customers can also choose to add money to their cards at both chains while they check out.

Many CVS stores actually began offering customers the ability to reload their SmarTrip cards back in April, while Giant has only started to test the sales devices at eight area stores. The grocer will likely add 42 more locations later this summer. Not every CVS or Giant has the new SmarTrip reload technology, but a lot of them do. Consult the list of participating stores to find the one closest to you.

The change means that SmarTrip users need no longer necessarily wait in line to access Metro's machines inside stations in order to reload their cards.

Now we just need Metro to go ahead figure out how to let us autoreload our SmarTrip cards by linking them to debit or credit cards, like Starbucks does.

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