Tony in the city

Gotta love working in the nation's capital. I think it'll wear off one day, but until then, I love going out and exploring. If anything, I get to see something I've never seen before; a new museum, restaurant, embassy or theater. Today, I found a 7-11...not that exciting. Okay, most of my journeys are pretty lame, but I also end up stumbling into something I've never seen before; they always start out lame but end up serendipitous and fulfilling. By doing this, the city seems smaller and smaller. I feel more and more comfortable w/my surroundings and fortifies my confidence insofar as knowing my way around the city. And, since I work less than three blocks away from the White House, I use that as my reference point. Who knew that getting lost could be so rewarding.


Anonymous said…
I didnt know you were in DC...I was imagining you still in Old Town. Are you tempted to go heckle Bush?