There are two certainties in life, death and solicitors!

Solicitors! The new four letter word! Why? Why must they call here day in and day out; asking for people they don't even know??? I'm sick, sick, sick of 'em!!! The company that I work for is only 25 employees strong; the solicitors call thinking that I'm some nameless, faceless administrative assistant working for some large, Fortune 500 company. They feel that their call will slip through the cracks and get to the person they need to speak with! I cannot recall the countless amount of times someone has called asking for my supervisor like their buddy, I put them on hold, turn directly to my left and ask if they know the person (after my supervisor tells me that she doesn't know the person), then tell the person the usual spiel:

(Supervisor's Name) is unavailable @ this time, may I take a message or would you like his/her voice mail?

99.9% of the time, they say they'll call back. They won't. They never do.

For the last time, no, we're not moving within the next 6 to 9 months! No, we don't want a free subscription to your magazine! No, you cannot fulfill our staffing needs! No, you cannot speak to our IT Dept.! No, you cannot speak to our Human Resources Dept.! No, no, no!!! They always miss the irony. They call here offering their services in attempt to make our company more efficient. But, the call in and of itself, is counter-productive. I have to take time out of my day to tell them, in the nicest way possible (God! I love it when they call w/a condescending attitude like "oh, you're just a secretary, once I deal w/you, I'll be nice as pie to your boss...but not to you!") that their call won't go through. I lose time while they attempt to get the name of my supervisor out of me. Or when they call to verify our mailing address. Or when they ask me info about the company that I can't possibly answer. You take one call like the ones I just mentioned, multiply it by 20, and that's a good chunk of my day!

Hello! That's a waste of my time! And, since I'm @ work, that's a waste of COMPANY time!!!

The ones that I hate the most are the ones that call asking for the number off of our printer. What a scam! Does anyone fall for that anymore? I mean, really! Oh, yeah, sure, I'll give you the number and then you can send me a hundred toner for said printer and charge us for it. Ha! I'm insulted! If you're a solicitor and you're reading this, please, please, please, stop calling! If you know someone who's a solicitor, please tell them that whatever they're selling, we don't want it! Ditto for the one's that call when I'm trying to have dinner!!! Oh, what's the phone number and contact info for my company?

Pick one.


Anonymous said…
My brother had played some pretty good jokes on them when they call at home. Too bad you can't do the same at work!