Google SketchUp

My friend just kicked me this link; this is the way the internet should be used. Sometimes, I get the feeling that I'm right on the precipice of something huge; I can see myself talking to my grandkids (okay, I don't have kids, I don't even have a wife; but there's always hope) years from now and they'll ask "gramps, what was life like when you were a kid". And that's when I draw a deep breath, hitch up my depends, cock my head skyward, sigh and let them have it!!! Back in my day, we didn't have no fancy-dancy chips in our heads that we used to communicate w/our friends and family. We had something called a "telephone".

Of course, by the time I started w/"back in my day", they'll have lost interest, popped their favorite TV show (they'll be in new and improved gel capsules--
ie, yo man, last night, I swallowed the newest episode of "Everybody Hates Chris"; that's the funniest 90 year old in pill form today!!!) and left me to talk to myself for two hours about how kids have it so good now a days.



MarysSon said…
Too funny!!!!

I do a great "Back in my day" impression, by the way.