So, the snow fell from the sky yesterday and I was bunned up under my covers contemplating the decision of the Federal Gov't; if they don't work, we don't work. And wouldn't you know it, 2 hour delay! They're beautiful human beings. However, one can't help but think that maybe the words of our current POTUS may've had something to do with that. S'all good! Even though I still had to come to work, I was not alone; there were hundreds of other folks riding the trains with me. Including, the lady that sat next to me and talked to her imaginary friend for 30+ minutes while we waited for a train. I seriously waited for her to stop talking but to no avail. I tried to turn up my Zune, but that was also a no-go. Finally, I just gave in to her insane rantings and let her sometimes barely audible rantings envelope me like a warm, crazy blanket.

I love snow days.