Damn you, PSN!

Damnit, Playstation Network, you've gone too far this time! I'm only a man! Why? Why would you hook up with NBC Universal? Why would you allow me to download shows the day after they premier on national television? Why would you then give me the ability to put these shows on my PSP, thus allowing me to watch my favorite shows on the bus, thus alleviating that boring lag time on the bus that happens on the bus in the morning and in the afternoon when all of my conversational buddies get off the bus, thus putting a strain the amount of books I need to read in life, thus alleviating the girth of shows I have on my TiVo, thus alleviating the girth of shows and movies on my Netflix account and thus and thus and thus...?

Seriously, what's up with these folks?





Stoner said…
Dude, cut back on the coffee. :-)