Spider-Fans love Mary Jane, survey says


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via Blog@Newsarama by David Pepose on 12/7/08

Last week, we posted a short piece on poster Stuart Green's survey about Spider-Man's post-One More Day status.


In the story arc by J. Michael Stracynzki and Marvel EiC Joe Quesada, Aunt May had been shot into a coma, and Peter Parker made a deal with the demon Mephisto to annul his marriage to save her life.

According to the results, one thing is clear: the fans want the marriage back. 71 posts voted that the marriage should return, versus 24 posts that the marriage should stay dead.

Meanwhile, fans wrote that if there was anyone who should return the marriage, it should be J. Michael Stracynzki, who also expressed his problems with the story following its release. Runner-ups included Brian Michael Bendis with 16 votes, and Matt Fraction as a write-in with another 16 votes.

That said, the jury is still out on the rest of Brand New Day, with 63 voting that it should remain in continuity, while 57 said it should not.

Perhaps most important, however, was that while the erasure of the marriage was done primarily in the interest of not alienating new readers, the vast majority of voters (110 posts versus 16 in the negative) said that if the marriage was returned, they would still read the book.

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