My day so far.

Just tried to blog from Word; yeah, that didn't work out so well. Still, I'll try almost anything once and if it worked out I would've used it from time to time. It is my humble opinion that you can never have too many options. There are a thousand and one ways to skin a cat and honestly, sometimes I procrastinate am pressed for time and I actually need a work around for my poor, poor time management skills. I'll keep tinkering w/it. I know that I can blog from Flock, but that really slows down my computer. I can do it from my cell phone but it just feels awkward. Also gmail and of course, coming to the blogger site itself and doing it. Wonder if I can do it in OpenOffice?

Yes, I'm so friggin' productive at work today!

They're closing the office at three today, so I still have time to do...something...?