Freak on the bus.

So, I'm on the bus enjoying my ride and clearing out my podcasts, when I stumble across something that made stifle a burst of laughter! At first, I saw the heading for this and didn't think much of it. I viewed some of the other podcasts and decided to check it out at the end, thinking that this'll be something I'll view for a second and then disregard like many of the videos on Break. Don't get me wrong, I like, but how many times can you watch a pretty girl get pranked or someone get punched in the nuts? Turns out, I saved the best for last. Anywho, this is what I saw this morning.

NWA The Clean Version - Watch more free videos

Friggin' hilarious! I need to find out what show this is from and WATCH it religiously! To me, this is right up there with the original versions of "Coupling" and "the Office".

Instant classic!