Just finished going through some of the boxes in my closet; I've finally found it!

My T.D.P.K. or Turkey Day Preparedness Kit.

Taped to the top of the box is a list that I quickly scan to make sure that all of the contents are in place:

-Sweatpants with extra elastic around the waist to accommodate my gut when it expands to full capacity (...and my initials monogramed on the backside so there's no mixing them up with anyone else's)? Check!
-Extra large spoon/ladle to fully maximize my eating experience? Check!
-Extra large bib made of mesh Teflon to ensure that every morsel of missed turkey, stuffing, vegetable and gravy slides it's way back to my plate? Check!
-Video tape of Nat'l Geographic segment on lions feasting on an overweight water bison (this is watched annually just to get me in the mood; eye of the tiger, baby, eye of the tiger...)?

Check, check and check! Well, I'm ready for Turkey Day, how about you?

Happy Thanksgiving!