Saturday, my sister and her husband hosted a fight party (the party was actually a small gathering of his co-workers and a few friends...awesome!) for the Gatti/Mayweather bout (Whoa, Lordy! What a beating!!!). Before the fight, my brother-in-law was lamenting about someone stealing his damn muffin from the office 'fridge @ work.

"Drop", my sister said.

My brother-in-law stood, walked to a clear area of the living room, dropped into a front leaning rest position and proceeded to knock out 10 push-ups.

Turns out, my sister has this new policy, 10 push ups for every curse word uttered in the presence of her child. Sounds reasonable enough. For most of the evening, every male, accept for yours truly, performed several sets of push-ups; persistent potty-mouths paying proper penance per profane pronouncement.

I went for hours w/o saying anything that would be considered dirty or improper but eventually, even I succumbed to profanity. I left the beer in the freezer too long and many of them froze. When I was told that I'd have to drop for frozen beer, I uttered the word "Damnit". Yeah, yeah, I know, it's not a big one, but a rule's a rule. After my 20 push-ups I got off the floor and noticed immediately that something wasn't quite right w/my left wrist. But, since I'd already killed 4 beers, and didn't really feel any pain, I shrugged it off. The next day was a different story. I couldn't even put my left hand in my pocket and washing my hands caused pain and discomfort! After several hours of keeping ice on it, I decided to have it looked at by a doctor. Of course, if I had an after hours care physician, I could've been in and out. I don't. I had to go to the ER.


In by 3PM, out by 7PM; record time. Turns out I have tendonitis. I also I have a splint that I have to wear as often as possible and I'm popping two Advil after every meal. No push-ups for @ least 2 weeks!

Looks like sis'll have to break out the curse jar.