Blogger's block

Gotta love it.

I think I've finally hit the wall. I was wondering if this could ever happen w/a blog; the answer's obviously, yes. Nothing exciting today; aside from the fact that it's the first day of summer (and buy one burrito, get one free day @ Chipotle, WOO-HOO!!!), it's simply another Tuesday. That by default makes it better than any Monday in recorded history. The rest of the week is just as bland. I saw four movies this past weekend.

Batman Begins--****:
In a word, GREAT! The casting, perfect. The plot, believeable. The setting, dark and gritty. The batmobile, blah! Hey, it's not perfect, but it's damn close.

Bad Education--***:
Pedro Almodovar CANNOT make a bad film. A movie like this isn't everyone's cup of tea (religous hypocrisy, homosexuality, murder, pedophilia, transsexuality), but touchy subjects is where Almodovar shines! I was really impressed by Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal...I've only seen him in "Y Tu Mama Tambien"; it's good to see him as something other than a horny, curious teenage kid...

The Honeymooners--**:
Wow! Words escape me. I'll say this. "The Flinstones" is based off of "The Honeymooners"; I'd rather watch EVERY cheesey Flinstones holiday special than watch this movie again. The funniest characters were Norton (Mike Epps) and Dodge (John Leguizamo), other than that, wait for the rental.

Napoleon Dynamite--****:
Wow! Why did I wait so long to watch this movie??? There were parts that I rewound and watched several times over!!! The makers of this film did an excellent job conveying the angst and attitude of not just high school, but a nerd, geek or spaz in high school. Funny stuff!
Vote for Pedro!!!