So, it's come to this; after 16 years of living in the same place (give or take 4 years for military service), I must move. I'm still in the midst of packing. I'll have to pack all afterwork tonight and tomorrow night. Just 10 good solid hours of packing and purging, packing and purging. And I can't rest, not even for a second. Not because I'll waste little precious moments that I could've spent packing, no. Because I'll drift off to the Land of Nod and waste LARGE precious moments that I could've spent packing. As w/any individual who's moving, fatigue and stress seem to be a totally natural thing. Of course, saying I'm fatigued and stressed in a blog cannot fully convey the feeling of running a 20k for a charity only to be dragged into a dark alley and beaten w/sacks of oranges by street toughs when you cross the finish line...But for lack of a better phrase, I'm pooped. And, I haven't moved in so long, this is totally foreign to me. I'm so uncertain of what ramifications and repercussions this move will bring. How will this move effect my family dynamic? My relationships w/friends and associates? Personally? Professionally? Financially? It's these uncertainties that make life fun, fickle and frightening...sometimes all @ once. Or, maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill, I really don't know.

There's one thing that I do know...

I'm gonna sleep like friggin' Rip Van Winkle when this is over with.


Anonymous said…
Nice writing Tony.