The Trick To Twenty-Ten.

I haven't written anything deep in a while because frankly, I've been a complete lazy ass. That being said, it's not like I have nothing of any real importance to say; contrary to popular belief, I do have thoughts that transcend the here and now. I think about all things existential and transcendental...whether I want to or not. But as I said before, I'm a lazy ass, so getting around to getting these thoughts out of the space between my ears took some time.

I’ll be the first to admit that 2010 held high expectations. Expectations that turned out to be a bit too high. And I’m not just talkin’ personal. I’m talkin’ global. Things were supposed to be bigger and better in 2010 whether it was verbalized collectively or said as a silently as if one prays to one’s deity. This year was supposed to be “The Year Of The Future”? The year of the flying car, jet packs, dehydrated food, floating apartments, teleporters, telepathy and other things future related. Weren’t we supposed to make contact with something? Anything? Alien? Animal? Vegetable? Mineral? This was the year it was supposed to happen!!!
And yet, it turned out to be just another year. Just another set of 365 days divided by 12 then divided again by hours and minutes and seconds. Yep, just another year; nothing particularly exceptional aside from a massive, fuck-all oil spill and crippling unemployment figures. I’ll admit that my expectations are from the 50’s, but I can’t help myself, those folks from the 50’s made this year sound like the bomb. You lied to me, Arthur C. Clarke.

Okay, not really. I lied to myself. I mean, really? What did I expect? Flying cars? Really? We’d be dead if cars could fly! Some idiot would fly his car into a plane, which would be the third car to plane accident in a week! As it stands, humans can barely handle not burning a Pop-Tart let alone flying a personal jet pack! And on a personal note, I really think I was just fooling myself into thinking that things would actually change based on what the year is. Right now, I’m stuck with habits that can only be changed by hard work and discipline not numbers off of a calendar. I have roommates. That may change in the future. But it didn’t happen in 2010. ‘Cause the number means nothing.

I think that that is the trick to 2010; the number means nothing. It means that it’s the year after 2009 but the year before 2011. It means, that I had an entire year to work on my writing but pissed most of the year away with some distraction that was available. Which means the quality of this entry could’ve been worlds better. Ha! Because of said distractions, this entry will at times sound like it’s been written by an illiterate, um, er, you see, I can’t even finish this metaphor because my writing muscles have gone to seed! And, true to form, I’ve waited until the last minutes of the LAST DAY OF THE YEAR to post this.

So, to wrap up this rambling, shambling sham of a blog entry, the trick to 2010 wasn’t. Just some silly Sci-Fi stuff I bought into when I was a kid that I now know to be false. Growth ain’t always easy, but it’s always necessary.

Happy 2011 everyone!


Dude... your archives go back to 2004 and, if I understand what the tag "the write stuff" means, you've only really written 5 entries.

Tell me what kind of topics you want to be writing about and I will start emailing you writing prompts daily, because this is just ridiculous. You want to write, people who read here want you to write, but you're not writing.