Images of Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Iron Man 2

I'm so there! 'Nuff said. In fact, the movie could just be one still frame of Scarlett Johansson! I hate you Ryan Reynolds.

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The first images of Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in Iron Man 2 have been revealed by Entertainment Weekly magazine. More-so than Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, these are the images I've been waiting to see.


We're getting the first look at someone other than Iron Man that will be an Avenger. Sure, you can count Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson), but he's always been played as an unofficial member.

The image featuring the Black Widow alone is simply amazing looking. The costume is practically straight from the comic—as well as the hairdo. Similar to Iron Man, it's a perfect translation of the character to the screen. Kudos out to Iron Man director Jon Favreau for once again doing a bang-up job in Marvel's sandbox. Here's hoping they let him direct the Avengers film.

We'll post larger images when they are available.

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