Metro Riders Notice Empty Front Cars Day After Crash

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via WAMU: Local News on 6/22/09

Nine people are dead after Monday afternoon's Metrorail collision in Washington. Federal and local officials are still at the scene trying to piece together what went wrong.

Federal officials have taken charge of the scene near the New Hampshire Avenue bridge in Northeast Washington.

Two men and seven women died in the crash, including the driver of the train that smashed into the back of the other - 42-year-old Jeanice McMillan of Springfield, VA.

She had only been a metro driver for a few months. Down the tracks from the crash, Fort Totten station was closed to red line traffic.

Carol Walker said she simply relied on the green line today, but she did notice something different about the trains. "There were empty front car trains," she said. "Pending finding out what really went, people are probably scared to sit in those front trains."

Officials are expected to give another update on the crash investigation at 5 o'clock today.

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