Melody Gardot

What is it about a music video that can change so much about how you view an artist? Presentation? Perhaps. Or, it could be something more. I first saw Melody Gardot on "Live At Abbey Road"; she wasn't one of the featured artist. She was performing with Herbie Hancock. Curious, I listened to her sing "Edith and the Kingpin" with reluctance; after the first bar, I went to Amazon and downloaded "Worrisome Heart" and I didn't regret it. I just bought "My One and Only Thrill" (I'm really diggin' the orchestral version of "If the Stars Were Mine"), and it's just perfect for an office environment...or a quiet evening at home. And, when I heard about how she ended up making music, and what she had to overcome, I became an instant fan.

A fan who just listened to, and appreciated her music. Then I saw this video:

Now I see her in a whole new light.

I heart bubble baths.