Inclement Weather in DC

I love inclement weather in D.C.. Nothing and I mean nothing in this world makes my heart swell like major traffic jams in several parts of the area that make my 45 minute commute an 80 minute commute; not the image of an eagle in flight, children of different nationalities playing together or the swell of a woman's...curves...I love the sound of horns blaring too, there's no sweeter sound; not the sound of chirping birds, children's laughter or a woman in the throes of passion. No sir, I've gotta have the sights and sounds of consternation and frustration!

Even better, I love the way other drivers not only become invalid drivers but IMPATIENT, invalid drivers. All forms of courtesy (traffic-wise) go out the window. Anything goes now. You will be cut off, you will get a horn and an obscene gesture and then the owner of the horn and the gesture will peel away loudly letting you know in no uncertain terms just how they feel about you. Especially if you're an octogenarian with poor eye sight and a cane. How dare you become a senior citizen and try exercise the most basic of human rights like, crossing the street during rush hour; what has this world come to???

I love it when after the impatience, the honking, the cursing, the gestures and the peel off, the drivers speed away on slick roads. This above all else! I love it when drivers run red lights, even though they're already late for work; endangering the lives of everyone around him or her! Love it more than a high-flying hawk that pounces on a newborn bunny, more than children of other nationalities banding together to mercilessly tease a fatter, sedentary child, more than a menage a trois with two gorgeous women from the Swedish bikini team in a vat of banana cream pie with a cherry on top!