I heart PixelJunk Monsters

Normally, the type of games I play are chock full of violence ie; punches, kicks, baseball bats and decapitations. What can I say, I can't do this stuff in real life (legally) and I have some anger issues with no real outlet besides games like Street Fighter, God of War, Burnout 3 and the like. But recently, I've stumbled on to a game that's become all consuming; not good considering that at the very least I have a TiVo chock full of comedies and animated shows and at the very most I have to communicate with others and perform basic but essential hygienic rituals.

Enter, PixelJunk Monsters, one of three PixelJunk games on the PSN. I've never played a tower defense game before, but if they're all like PixelJunk Monsters, I've been missing out!!! On the surface it's a seemingly simple game. Your character has been tasked to protect your flock from wave after wave of monsters hell-bent on devouring said flock. At your disposal, a maze of trees that the monsters have to navigate through to find your flock and the ability to turn any tree in the forest into a tower equipped with a variety of weapons (each tower costs an "x" amount of coins which you earn with every monster you kill) use to stave off the monsters. Easy enough. At first.

As you move up in the game, the monsters and the lay of the land change. Plus, some monsters are ground-based monsters that can only be destroyed by ground-based weapon towers and some monsters are air-based and can only be destroyed by air-based weapon towers. To make things even tougher, both groups of monsters move at varying speeds and are tougher to kill than others! Your character has the ability to build a tower and decide what type of weapon to use, upgrade (using gems) the towers, tear down (at 70% of the price you initially bought it for) the towers or use the gems to acquire much more powerful towers.

And I can't stop playing. I think it's because it seems so simple that I shouldn't have a hard time beating it. Also, it seems like every time I fail, I'm actually oh so close to winning. Much like the hot chick that wears revealing outfits and flirts with you but scoffs at your advances or the alcoholic gambler who thinks he can beat the Vegas casino, PixelJunk Monsters is one of the biggest confidence games you can download for 10 bucks! But unlike a knock to your self-esteem or an emptying of your wallet, you can enjoy the high of thinking you had a chance with that hot chick or beating the house in Black Jack without feeling demoralized afterwards.

And now, I've just learned that PSN is releasing a PSP version with 50% more content! WTF, Playstation Network??? You can't do this to me, I'm only a man! I mean, isn't it bad enough that the PS3 version is available for "Remote Play", meaning that if I'm in a WiFi hotspot, I can use my PSP to go on said WiFi, power on my PS3 at home and play this crackalicious game over WiFi at that very location??? No, Sony has to go on make a portable version that I can never get away from!

I am a winner!