Stupid, stupid, stupid...

So, today has just been a day of and the external forces in life that I blame my failures on. First, Stupid Weatherman. Stupid Weatherman, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me know that I should ignore the feeling I had in my gut that it was going to rain today. Okay, it was a stupid television station that I tuned into this morning that said that rain was no where in the forecast for the next several days. You lie. By the afternoon, everyone knew the jig was up. Never had I heard so many people in my office, on the street and on my evening commute wonder out loud where the rain came from. Nice.

Second, Stupid Me. Stupid me decided to take an earlier bus home today instead of going with my usual bus driver. This bus comes a good half hour earlier than my usual bus so I figured why not, I can use the extra 30 minutes to, well, goof off on the internet. Yeah, smart. My usual bus driver, George, speeds through traffic like he's got a hot date at the end of his destination; we (my fellow passengers) love 'em! Thanks to the traffic congestion caused by the drivers in the DC area (it is my belief that one drop of precipitation in the DC area negates 20 years of driving experience) who weren't expecting God's tears to fall from the sky, I arrived at my house 15 minutes sooner than usual. Not a half hour, 15 minutes. And even though I can't go back in time and video tape my current driver, I can guarantee you, the readers of this post...the both of you, that my driver arrived at my bus stop ten minutes after today's driver did.

'Cause George the Bus Driver is the man!

And third,
Stupid Work-out. Stupid Work-out. Stupid health. Stupid pre-disposition to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and everything else that can kill an African-American male between the ages of 18 and, well natural causes. Stupid internet. Stupid distraction that eats up time and doesn't give me enough time to workout.

Stupid newflashyshineyprettyamazonwindowshop.

Oh no, there's nothing really deep or positive about this part of this entry, it's just whine to go with my cheese.


Tenisha D said…
i like your writing style it has a good voice