Grammatical Error

So, my friend sent a reply to my post on April 8th; he liked it and thought it was funny. So did I, until I read over it again. I found a grammatical error. Perfect. Now, it's all I can see. I proofed that damn entry three times (just like I'm going to proof this one...and cross my fingers.) and I still screwed up (it was the "Dumb" entry). Is there a lesson to this? Yep! In fact, there are two. Firstly, I ain't gonna change it! That error is there forever! I mean, it's blogger, I can change that error with a "point and a click". And I was going to, but the theme of this entry is "mistakes"; I must work harder to make sure it doesn't happen again. To reiterate, that error is there forever! And...scene!

Second, proof every entry four

I just finished "Meet the Robinsons" so mistakes are cool now.

Meet the Robinsons