Two Primaries?

I was going to blog about how this is yet another important and historical year for young and old to get out and let themselves be heard. I was going to blog about how I got up @ O'dark thirty in the morning, made tea and made it to my voting area @ 5:25 am; thinking that I'd be the thirtieth or fortieth person in line...only to be the first person in line. I was going to blog about how I've yet to really master the photo function on my cell phone thus explaining the crap photo you see above. And, I was going to drive home the point of making your voice be heard by blogging about how one young man (w/the help of an alarm clock, weak tea and a sense of purpose) can make a change. No one has an excuse not to vote.

That would've been nice.

But when I entered the polling place, the nice woman w/the book of names, the very book that she would surely find my name in (thus allowing me to cast vote) asked me a question that I was not expecting @ 6 AM.

Which primary are you voting in?

Huh? WTF?

That's no where near as funny as I wanted this blog to be. Define intrusive. It's probably legal for them to do this, but it didn't help that my name was a in a blue book and a red book (never mind the fact that the blue book was in fact the Democratic voting book and the red book was the Republican book) or the fact that they gave us a red or blue card based on our answer. Don't really have an issue w/those things. What I'm concerned about is privacy; not the folks that are the "keepers of the book of names", but the average Joe that was standing right behind me (Yeah, I see you now, Republican!!! Muuuhhhaawwwww!!!). It's none of my damn business what his party affiliation is and vice versa. Honestly, I don't want to know.

But now I do.

And they know mine.

Think Happy Thoughts...

Um, um, um...

Happy Free Pancake Day Everyone!!!


Stoner said…
[sarcasm] In order for the government to keep you safe, they must know everything you think, know and believe. They must have your complete DNA profile, including retina scans, fingerprints, palm scan and hair & urine samples.

They need to know every where you plan to go, whether it's across the border to a foreign country or down the corner to the 7-11. They need to know everything you buy and sell, the books you read, everything you write, all your phone conversations, etc.

Only by knowing all this can they tell you how safe they are keeping you, even after getting stabbed in a back alley by a mugger. [/sarcasm]