re: Emmy Ultimatum...

Well, one outta two ain't bad! Although Keifer was due, Peter Krause deserved it just as much!!! Still, one Emmy for "Six Feet Under"...for best guest star??? What are you people smoking??? And, why aren't you sharing?

Emmy Ultimatum

Why? Why? Why?

What has Keifer Sutherland done to you, Emmys? Huh? Geez, what do they have to do to get your attention, take on aliens?

I mean, c'mon, throw us a freakin' bone!!!

Anything would've been acceptable. Anything!

Best hair-do?

Best cutticles?

Best sock-puppet?

If "24" were a beautiful woman, you could've at least bought her dinner first.

Next year, the final season of "Six Feet Under" will be up for several Emmys. Including best drama.

Please don't screw this up, Emmy...or we're through.