My new favorite game!!!

I've just spent the last 10 minutes trying to start this hands are shaking and there's only one thought that has managed to permeate every brain cell, when am I going to get off of this computer and back to "God of War"??? I love this game! It's got plot, drama, action and yes, some blood, gore and a dash of nudity. Not a game for the weak or children. The cut-scenes are the most exciting I've seen in a while; quite realistic and chock full of essential plot points. The gameplay and graphics are to a point where I can't wait until the PS3 comes out! S'funny, I woke up this morning wondering why my left thumb felt funny; then I remembered that I'd played "God of War" for over 6 hours straight yesterday! When you play video games for fun, calluses come w/the territory. Gotta motor, "God of War" beckons!



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