From Logorrhea to Inspiration in seconds!

See the woman in the previous entry?

I inspired her to start blogging.

I know, I know, how the hell did manage to inspire someone to do, well, anything? I can barely inspire myself to roll out of bed every morning. Well apparently, this is the one time that my logorrhea may have actually worked for me instead against me. I was telling one of my new co-workers that I could actually take a pic with my phone and post it to my blog instantly.

"You can do that?" asked my co-worker, Petra. Sure. Too easy. I took one of my old photos from my phone's library and sent it to my blog. Then I gave them my address and told them to check it out when they were done with lunch. It was during this time that talk of hot cocoa and the Keurig came up (it's actually quite boring, so I'll skip it. Just know that no matter what Petra posts in her blog, she broke the Keurig...I mean, you can even see the cup of cocoa in her photo. Some people!) and when she was making a statement, I snapped the aforementioned photo you see below.

She was thrilled.

Especially when I posted it to my blog within seconds.

She then said it was time that she started her own blog and give into social sites like Facebook and Twitter as well! She was concerned about her privacy which is why she was reticent about said sites for so long.

I inspired her. Mark it on your calendar.

It happened.

Let's just hope that her blog fairs better than the Keurig she maimed.





I hope people will read my blog so they will know the truth!